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Linux Programmera's Manual

setjmp, sigsetjmp - save stack context for non-local goto


int setjmp(jmp_buf env);

int sigsetjmp(sigjmp_buf env, int savesigs);

Feature Test Macro Requirements for glibc (see feature_test_macros(7)):


setjmp() and longjmp(3) are useful for dealing with errors and inter-
rupts encountered in a low-level subroutine of a program. setjmp()
saves the stack context/environment in env for later use by longjmp(3).
The stack context will be invalidated if the function which called
setjmp() returns.

sigsetjmp() is similar to setjmp(). If savesigs is nonzero, the set of
blocked signals is saved in env and will be restored if a siglongjmp(3)
is later performed with this env.

setjmp() and sigsetjmp() return 0 if returning directly, and nonzero
when returning from longjmp(3) using the saved context.

C89, C99, and POSIX.1-2001 specify setjmp(). POSIX.1-2001 specifies

POSIX does not specify whether setjmp() will save the signal context.
(In System V it will not. In 4.3BSD it will, and there is a function
_setjmp that will not.) If you want to save signal masks, use

setjmp() and sigsetjmp() make programs hard to understand and maintain.
If possible an alternative should be used.

longjmp(3), siglongjmp(3)

This page is part of release 2.77 of the Linux man-pages project. A
description of the project, and information about reporting bugs, can
be found at

Top 8 Ways To Buy A Used Bathrobe

best robesThe next thing that comes to mind is a refreshing shower when you think of bathrobes! After taking a bath or freshening up, a bath robe is the most frequent apparel.

Since cotton provides a warm and homely feeling to the bathrobe cotton is the favorite fabric for a bathrobe. As do bathrobes, trend styles continue to progress. They've become more modish with hip designs that are easily well-liked.

There comes in a wide array of materials such as microfiber the following; velour; waffle; Turkish cotton; 100% pure organic cotton; polyester fabrics; blend of cotton and polyesters; and fleece.

Pick a bathrobe which gives a great deal of comfort as well as a unique feeling and is not overly tight when worn. The TowelSelections bathrobe you select should be of and supple smooth fabric. Shift material, layout and the colour of the bath robes each time you get. No matter what intent of the customer, bathrobes or the varied demands come in numerous classy fashions that they can meet whatever means necessary.

There are numerous designs that rank high with the younger crowd. Bathrobes plastered with cartoon characters really are a big hit with the young ones.

Another cool bathrobe your children will love is a bathrobe that is hooded, creature. Only image your kid nestled up in a comfy, encouraging duke robe after a hot bath!

Kids's bath robes are small and cover the children's body.

Bath robes for women are tied under the arms and fit across the remaining portion of the body.

In bath houses in which lots of folks would be bathing, showers were typically done previously. Europeans used bathrobes conceal and to warm themselves after a bath. Now, the toilet remains used for a similar function, to cover oneself after washing.

The sole difference is that they have also turn into a style accessory in your home


Why Drone Is Taking The World By Storm

helicopter drone with cameraRadio controlled airplanes for beginners are your greatest bet if you want to learn to fly 1. But searching for you can be frustrating and fascinating simultaneously. You will be faced with a great deal of styles and colors to select from. You need to have a lot of patience with when shopping for 1 simply because all these choices really can get confusing occasionally.

To help you out in looking for the proper radio controlled airplane to begin with, we have a number of ideas that you might would like to think about. To find the ideal 1 for you, here are some tips about picking your newbie rc airplane.

Obtaining the plane

The most effective one to get in case you are a noob mastering the drone art is essential if you want to become a certified pilot. would be rc airplanes which can be sold prepared to fly. They are best for absolute newbies who have no encounter in assembling 1 from scratch even though some could come with minor assembly. Many of these forms of planes would only require a fresh new group of batteries for you to begin taking it for any spin. Once you grasp flying and would want to get a a lot more sophisticated rc airplane, you may choose the ones which you construct from scratch. They are sold in unique sets and will let for a lot more customization. Ultimately the decision might be yours but for starts go for any prepared to fly kit.

Obtaining the RCpro quadcopter

A different point to take into account when purchasing a rc airplane for the very first time would be picking the handy remote control. Initially off, you could would like to consider how much manage you want more than the plane. When you just anticipate letting your RC plane remove and fly around maybe once or twice, you may go for the two two channel controller. That is great for newbies given that you can master and you will really get proficient at flying a rc airplane in no time. However if you're preparing some high-flying, dare-devil stunts; you'll need a controller with at least 3-4 channels. This may not be the easiest controller to master, nevertheless, you are given by it a whole lot of handle more than your plane compared to a two channel controller.

Making certain its durable

It is understandable for any newbie to crash a plane a few times, so to help you with added expense on maintenance or what not, choose planes that are really sturdy and durable. It is not advisable to choose light wood created planes like balsa wood If you are a in-experienced flyer. Go for rc airplanes which can be made of foam like EPP or expanded polypropylene plastic. There are other types of foam that are light and durable and will surely help you lessen repair charges.

Bottom line

So the bottom line would be to have entertaining. Choose the best plane and enjoy fling it. Avoid being discourage in the event that you crash your plane once in a while and just learn from whatever error you made to crash your plane. It is also a good idea to join clubs exactly where you can appreciate flying and learning to fly using a group.

Even though this article could have helped you a complete lot in getting started off with your hobby, this should not function as only concentrate of your study. There are plenty a lot more sources of info that you can collect on-line. Read a lot more articles about RC airplanes or testimonials for to know every little thing there is certainly to know about it ahead of really purchasing one.


Under Cabinet Radio vs Two Way Radio - Which is the Best?

under cabinet radioA two way radio is a device which is useful for sending and getting signals or information. This kind of a radio is becoming incredibly well known in the last couple of years. The advantage of this kind of a radio is that it's transportable i.e. it can be carried from one particular place to a further. This single benefit may be the key cause for the ever increasing reputation of both way radios.

Under Cabinet Radio Applications

An under cabinet radio can be used for numerous purposes. It has become a necessity for corporations, military, public safety, outside recreation and so forth. This kind of a radio can be used as a toy for kids even. This kind of a radio comes in numerous cost ranges and can be applied by any individual in an uncomplicated and convenient manner.

Under cabinet radios can also be used for personal purposes. Largely, they are useful for communication reasons or to listen to different radio stations. Radios which can be useful for personal purposes have functions like a narrow bandwidth, messaging and voice capabilities and so forth. These capabilities make under the counter radio to operate and convenient to handle uncomplicated.

Two Way Radio Applications

With all the advancement in technology, the two way radios have become even smaller sized and easier to use. Furthermore, these radios now include additional capabilities which have produced then match for use in numerous applications.

One of the main makes use of of a two method radio is for military reasons. Military organizations all across the world make use of this device for a large number of purposes, which includes communication. These kinds of radios are also widely used by radio operators and in radio stations. These are applied for listening to different channels. These devices are used for information transmission by radio operators also. Commercial two way conversation radios will be the finest suited for this function.

These can also be used as toys. Once the two way radios are used as toys that kids play with, various capabilities are included in them so that they develop into easy to operate and safe for the kids to play with. These devices are created to focus on a single frequency. When applied as playthings Also, these devices are created making use of straightforward transistor circuits as opposed to chips which can be used in commercial radios. In addition, the expense of such a device is lower than the devices useful for commercial purposes comparatively.

A transceiver is also used in marine and aviation communications. These are also used in heavy industries for numerous reasons. For such reasons, these radios are made to function about flammable vapors. These radios are made to operate in that manner that they usually do not produce sparks after they function. These radios are incorporated with capabilities that make them safe to utilize.

One can purchase these radios dependant on the ones and usage specifications. When picking a two method radio for a particular purpose, its capabilities should be kept in thoughts in order that a user can choose the finest one particular feasible. Furthermore price should be regarded as when shopping for this kind of a radio.

Rob Burdett is from British Radio Communications Ltd, the UK's Top Provider of 2 Way Radios for Schools, Pubs, Buying Centres, Retailers and Businesses of all varieties.

With a completely secure and stocked online store, UK Radio Comms provide contemporary two way radios and radio communication equipment for employ and purchase.

With radios available which includes Motorola Two Way Radios, Kenwood 2 Way Radio, HYT and ICOM, UK Radio Comms very knowledgeable and knowledgeable personnel can offer you with guidance and guidance so you as well as your business gets exactly the right radio equipment for your needs and price range.

With lots of special deals available, free postage and packaging and free trials of several of these two way radios, it has never ever been easier to understand why UK Radio Communications are actually the UK's Top Two Way Radio Company.

Best Shave Ice Machine for Business

The Ice Cream Maker is becoming a vital appliance inside the existing kitchen. Ice Cream Makers are available in various colours and sizes to compliment your kitchen and also other appliances.

You happen to be helped by These machines develop the precise flavour you need and often with less than 45minutes preparation time. Selecting your individual ingredients provides you the possibility of healthful selections plus control more than the substances and additives applied - especially helpful for individuals with best shave ice machine for business.

Homemade ice cream is an superb way to enhance your 5-a-day intake when produced out of fresh fruit. It's enjoyable, specially for youngsters who are often only also eager to come up with recommendations for new flavours. You could possibly have fresh ice cream once you like inside 45 minutes often.

Utilizing an best shave ice machine for business straightforward is rather. You pour your pre-chilled mix into your machine, which churns and freezes it simultaneously.

Churning mixes in air flow and stops ice crystals from forming. Most makers have a viewing windows so you'll be able to watch the transformation happening. Right after about 30-40 minutes, creamy, soft ice cream is undoubtedly all yours.

In most situations, you'll be able to pop it in your freezer to stiffen it up a little ahead of it is genuinely prepared. You may tell when it really is prepared. The paddle will cease, or struggle to switch as the ice cream thickens. Afterward you switch off the best portable ice maker for rv.

A single massive benefit of getting an best shave ice machine for business is which you can make an infinite array of recipes. As well as conventional ices, you could possibly make sorbet and granita (a slushy dessert) or attempt making use of tofu, fromage frais or yogurt.

To make sure you make full use of these handy appliances, here are some issues which you ought to look at before generating a purchase.

Size/Capacity from the Ice Cream Maker - While a lot of makers have got a 0.7 litre capacity, you will discover numerous which could make more than double this amount. Cautious consideration must there be provided to picking a size which meets your needs.

Pre-Freezing Bowl or Built-in Freezer - Most reasonably priced ice cream makers have a removable bowl which you may have to pre-freeze ahead of it might be applied. Be sure to check the item data as to how long the bowl really should be frozen for and in case you feel you'd rather not have to pre-plan generating ice cream in advance, you should choose on a model which includes a built-in freezer.

Cycle Time - Most item may freeze-churn ice cream blend inside 20 to 30 minutes on the other hand you must carefully check the item explanation for the estimated timescale.

Spare Parts - Decide if the manufacturer gives spare components in particular paddles or additional freezer bowls which is often handy to have as back-ups.

Extras - Verify the item descriptions in case you are deciding upon your item to see whether or not or not any additional items are incorporated like a pouring jug, spatula or even a recipe reserve. A recipe book especially relating to the model becoming purchased is specifically helpful since it will provide you with a basic guide as to ingredient amounts which you can then use to modify other ice cream dishes you could possibly have.

Safety Functions - Verify the item description for additional security capabilities such as one example is non-slip interlocking and foot lids.

Normal Fundamental security Marks, Warranties, Manual - Select a model with a recognised security tag for your particular country which truly is actually a sign that the manufacturer follows the incredibly greatest security precautions and for any model with a minimum of a 1 year warranty.

Good Evaluations - Verify cooking magazines and sites to study microwave evaluations from numerous other consumers and firms.

You may come across a strategy and style that fulfills all your needs from our wide variety of Ice Cream Makers and Machines. The simplest approach to make the purchase will be to comprehensively study about the numerous brands and models readily available.

In truth, in case you are shopping online, you'll be able to usually check out the incredibly greatest rates at numerous stores offering appliances for the kitchen for sale.

Best Basketball Hoop Driveway

Though the height of a basketball hoop does not actually matter to high school, college, or expert players, it does matter to youngsters. Young children require a small hoop to shot on undoubtedly, and a few young children are prepared to move on and shoot on a genuine hoop. This is where in ground basketball hoop reviews truly come in useful.

As children get older, their abilities will continue to establish. Even when they are ready to shoot on a patio area hoop with a genuine basketball, they nevertheless will not likely be in a position to shoot on a ten foot rim. Even if they may be capable to get the ball up there, there range is extremely limited. Nearly every hoop offered today has a height modification function.

Without a doubt the most common variety of adjustment is 7.5 - ten feet. Some do lower to 6 feet truly, though they are typically a lot more pricey. Decreasing the height permits young children to begin shooting on an authentic hoop at a significantly earlier age.

It is important that kids contend a height that is simply ideal for them. If they're possessing issues getting the ball towards the rim just, then it is too greater. The fundamental level hoops commonly change in 6-inch increments. What readies about some of the mid-to-upper level basketball hoops is that they change infinitely. So in case a hoop changes among 7.5 and ten feet, you might obtain any height in that range then. This offers you that great deals of a lot more alternatives.

After the age is come to by them of ten, they has to remain in a position to contend policy height, or near it. Portable or in-floor basketball systems are fine, due to the reality both could have a height modification function.

Having an adjustable hoop is advantageous if you have various children in unique age varieties. Let's say one child is 6 and another 10 years old. When the 6 year old is shooting, the hoop can be decreased to fit her or him. When the ten year plays, it could once more be raised. Of course, they both might play together on a lower life expectancy height at the very same time.

Of how old every member of the family is Regardless, a flexible hoop permits everyone to obtain included.

Another perk with reducing a hoop is definitely that children may have some exciting dunking. The majority of us shall under no scenarios have the ability to soak on a 10 foot hoop, so lowering afford them best inground basketball hoop.

Nonetheless, I would recommend not decreasing the hoop all frequently for this objective; shooting on a 10 foot greater rim can help them most utilizing their enhancement. This is the height they'll be using after they begin organized basketball.

Top 10 Wiper Blades 2017

The report is an essential aspect, while he is on the road and driving. Many cases of road mishaps were because of poor visibility. Thus, drivers are encouraged to make sure their vehicles with the very best visibility tools of rain x windshield wipers.

If a component vehicle that the driver's view in intense climate in fact rises then will be the wiper blade. Deletes any materials dropping on the windshield and keeps them from blurred eyesight or blocks the look at of the person behind the wheel.

Installing the very best wiper blades in a car would be to stay away from a good precautionary unnecessary incidents, while the individual is driving. Nevertheless, the growing range of components confused purchasers about which models and makes them purchase for their vehicles. Sometimes it takes the incorrect sets to get for their automobiles. Because of the recommendations and feedback from drivers offered about the worldwide world. They serve as manuals for all those looking for this tool visibility.

The first thing a driver must verify the weather conditions is held. You will find cleaners which are weatherproof. They are created to withstand the undesireable effects of rainfall, snow or intense heat. These types are ideal for places that have winter and wet and dried out seasons.

Alternatively, vehicle owners can verify wiper blades which are resistant to certain components also. For instance, they are able to get a wiper system which can withstand heavy snow. This kind of specific air blade was created with a special rubber mats that maintain them from getting bunged with ice. Trico wiper blades provides selections, can shield the drivers and their vehicles from unique and severe atmosphere.

Durability is a further feature that must end up being taken into consideration. Basically this feature keeps persons the identical elements and buy once more once more. Nevertheless, in the event the blade wiper, there is normally nothing to save a lot more than money. Sure, no-one dreams from nothing stuck within the middle, because the individual no more see their way by way of rainfall or snow. Durability prevents persons uncomfortable and hazardous circumstances in fact.

The setting in the blade would be to consider a very good issue also. This feature facilitates the set up. With out the appropriate fit, the automobile owner would spend a considerable amount of time, have to secure the assembly in the automobile.

A cleaning blade that provides all of those capabilities may be the greatest certainly. Even so, a buyer nor the price need to be taken into account to best wiper blade. There are good brands and models that truly provide these capabilities at an acceptable value.